Working Realtek SoC RTL8196E 97D 97F in last master

I have DAP-1610 HW VER B1 with RTL8197FH and RTL8812FR. Would there be OpenWRT for this device?

Based on the course of this thread over the last three years, what would you guess?

Chances are non-zero, but very, very low.
…and even if someone would get SOC support ready, WLAN would still be another question altogether
…and even if all of the above would happen, it would still be up to you to port your device to this, which involves quite some development skills (or a steep learning curve) on your side

Realistically, can you meet those conditions?
…if you did, you wouldn't have to ask.

how to continue this device support with some information from ? @gaspare can you help us too ?