Working Nftables Rule for TTL in 22.03

Not folklore, all US carriers use their DPI boxes to flag tethered traffic based on TTL/HL now. Sprint was the last carrier that did not enforce this.

Hi, sorry newbie here!
Whenever I add any custom rule to nftables.d, I got tons of errors when restarting fw4, as for example:

I am certainly doing something wrong, I just don't know what...

Perhaps you have Windows CR/LF line endings in your include file, depending how you created it.

Thanks Dave. I will have a look.
I've created it using Win10 create new txt and then edited it in Notepad++ by pasting the code from the this thread

Notepad++ has an option in the Edit menu for line endings to convert to Unix style. Iā€™m not near a Windows computer to verify the menu name, but should be a simple fix.

Oh man, thank you so much. It worked perfectly! :+1::+1:
In Notepad++: Edit --> EOL Conversion --> Uinix (LF)