Won't boot on X86J4125 Seeed SBC

I'm trying to setup a OpenWRT on X86J4125 Seeed SBC, and I'm having the very strange problem that boot cycle gets partway through, and the reboots. The bootup messages scroll pretty fast, but the last two I see are "kernel offset disabled" and "Rebooting in 1 seconds". After this, it just reboots, and continues this cycle perpetually.

The really weird thing is, Seeed studios actually has a page specifically supporting OpenWRT on their boards (wiki.seeedstudio.com/OpenWrt-Getting-Started/). I've also tried pulling image directly from the OpenWRT homepage, and the results are the same. When I boot off a flashdrive created for a different distro, the board boots up, so I doubt it's the hardware.

I'd be grateful if anyone could offer ideas!

Are you seeing the boot error on snapshot builds? The Seeed SBC should just be like any other x86. Boot into a linux distro of your choice and dd the image to the drive.

I'm running snapshot builds on a j4125 also.

Actually, I realized my issue. It turns out that the micro SD card on the X86J4125 is not bootable, and for some of these tests I've been flashing to the micro SD card. When flashed an image from the OpenWRT site, it was able to boot up. Maybe there's an issue with the most recent Seeed image?

Cool, glad it's working now! Hmm sounds like it.

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