Wol lan not working

Hi, i can't seem to get the wake on lan working.
I've read about a tiny ip package that should do the trick but i can't understand the usage of
/sbin/ip n add

Please, could someone explain to me?

Sounds like you're trying one of the many hacks to send a broadcast "magic" packet by "forging" the ARP table.

Many flavors of WOL work by sending a special Ethernet packet to the broadcast address (ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff). Rather than using a bit of C-code (or similar) to create the packet, some people try to forward the packet to a "fake" IP address that then uses the ARP table to send the packet. It's a hack, at best, in my opinion.

A utility intended to send the packet, triggered by something like command-specific ssh keys is both a lot more robust and secure.

Why not use etherwake? Small and built for this purpose.

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etherwake (also available in busybox) or wol should work just fine, keep in mind that they aren't identical so your sucess rate will depend on client used.

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I need to start the windows pc from remote devices.
It works for 5-10 minutes after shutdown but then it doesn't.

Could well be the Windows machine.

Try wireshark or tcpdump to see if the proper packet is being sent and if the WIndows machine is failing to respond to it.

It depends on what "sleep mode" they're using https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN#Microsoft_Windows and most likely driver support.

Ok maybe i'm just retarded.
I've set the ip of the host instead of the broadcast ip...

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