WNR834B v2, help with transition from dd-wrt to openwrt

I have been given the router with dd-wrt already preinstalled therefore my experience with installing custom firmware is close to none. I was not able to find steps how to transition from one firmware to another and would like not to ruin the device. If possible, please I would like to receive some guidance, thank you

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This device has only 16MB RAM (and only 4MB flash), hence making it unsuitable for use with current OpenWrt. See https://openwrt.org/supported_devices/432_warning for details.


Your best bet, if you want a zero-cash-cost solution, is to hope that there is a current version of DD-WRT available for the device (meaning a current Linux kernel that is still maintained, and current firmware). "Current" in the world of OS security likely means in the past 6-12 months, at most.

There are many more-powerful devices available, starting at under US$20, that meet the current recommendations of

  • At least 16 MB of flash
  • At least 128 MB of RAM
  • Wireless chips that support current 802.11 specs
    (older specs, like 802.11b/g, can dramatically limit throughput, as well as being insecure)

One place to look for suggestions and opinions is the very long thread

Thank you both for responses. The reason I wanted to try out openwrt is because of it's traffic shaping functions. I do have netgear r7800 running stock firmware but have not been able to set correct QoS settings that would prevent other devices in house from causing ping spikes during gaming sessions.

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