WNR3500L v1 woking perfectly but wifi in Wireless-G only

Hi Guys,

Thanks for this great firmware, I was stuck with TomatoUSB by Shibby with no updates for years but yeah I freed it once again with your great firmware :slight_smile:

One issue I'm currently facing is the wifi limitation to Wireless-G only mode, is there a workaround for that ?

I downloaded the firmware provided in the device page http://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06.2/targets/brcm47xx/mips74k/openwrt-18.06.2-brcm47xx-mips74k-netgear-wnr3500l-v1-na-squashfs.chk

Thanks for your help.

Make sure you have WMM enabled, and WPA2 encryption set to AES


Thanks for your reply, I'll check that once I'll check that once I'm home.

I used to use "WPA/WPA2 Personal (PSK) mixed mode TKIP+CCMP" and encryption mode for years under TomatoUSB, maybe for better compatibility with all my stuff I don't even remember why.

Thanks again.

Keep in mind that b43 doesn't support HT modes.


Just switched to WPA2 + AES but it's still limited to G mode.
I'm pretty sure the WNR32500L (v1) supported N mode under TomatoUSB

Broadcom chipset is not friendly with Openwrt.

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Broadcomm wireless isn't friendly to any open-source project.


  • Broadcom has not released any FOSS drivers. Broadcom doesn’t support open-source much at all.
  • DD-WRT has a license agreement and NDA in place with Broadcom that allow usage of better, proprietary, closed source wireless drivers (binary blobs) which they are not allowed to redistribute freely.
  • LEDE / OpenWrt use only FOSS drivers. Fully open-source support for Broadcom wifi chips is very limited.

Limited means: 2.4GHz only b/g available, and 5GHz doesn't work at all. [...]


Seems like one just need to install kmod-brcmsmac pkg with another driver for N support,:

Hi @bam80

Did it, installed kmod-brcmsmac but didn't work, until I removed /etc/modules.d/b43 so it doesn't load the "default" driver.

Now I can select "N" mode from the UI

Thanks a ton for the tip

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