WNR2000V5 not listed


I've decided to flash my Netgear WNR2000v5 to OpenWRT in order to use it as a wifi repeater.

I have started the online guide to flash the image. Before flashing, the guide sends me to this page:

Now, on this page, WNR2000 V1 upto V4 are listed, but no where is V5 available.

Further research shows this post on GitHub:

Now, I'm lost. I'm on WIndows 10 and have no idea how to proceed as I have no way to get an image to flash.

How do I intend to flash? I have thought about following these instructions:

Once the image is available for flashing, shall I follow with the above method or the one listed here?
Flashing the firmware
Connect to the device via Ethernet cable (Only fallback to wireless, if the device has no Ethernet connection options)
Ensure that the LEDE firmware file that you are about to flash, matches your router model and is called “….factory.bin”, as you will use it to modify a vendor's factory firmware towards LEDE.
Log into the device's admin web interface and locate the device-specific firmware installation function. Follow the device-specific instructions of your manufacturer's user guide for installing firmware and use this to install the “…factory.bin” firmware file of LEDE.
Wait while the device writes the firmware image to its flash memory. This can take several minutes (the Device Page may state an expected time for this process). At the end, the device will reboot automatically.
The new firmware has been installed.

The WNR2000 v5 is not supported.

The github link is for a community build that is a work in progress.

Thanks for your message. I understand now.

Do you think you could help me "build" the community version so that I may try it out?

I'm personally not a "builder", but I'll move your thread to the Developer Forum.