Wnr2000 v4 flashing with luci interface

I am new to open wrt but I have a old wnr2000 v4 that I can not figure out how to flash even after reading the install instructions. Can someone explain what I have to do step by step. It would be Much appreciated thank you.

Start with https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/wnr2000, but be aware that your device is below minimum system requirements and is not a good choice for OpenWrt.

Ok will do

I would still like to try installing it. But I do not know how to unlock telnet on the device to flash it

From reading those instructions, that is a horrible device to try to flash. Given its outdated hardware, I’d suggest recycling it. Current, quality devices with superior specs (faster processor, current wireless, 128 MB RAM, NAND flash) are available for US$40 with OpenWrt already installed. There are also US$20 options, but I don’t personally own one.

“Playing” with OpenWrt (or running it) on a VM is another option.

All I need out of this router is Wds support. I do Not need anything fancy.

The time has passed even for the non-fancy features for these devices (4/32 in general), retaining most basic functionality is a serious problem. Without 'optional features' like webinterface or opkg (package manager) or anything beyond wpad-mini.

This really isn't a device to dive into, unless you first want to learn about imagebuilder or building from source and, beyond that, have a high pain- and frustration tolerance fighting against windmills (getting- and keeping your firmware image small enough to fit into a flash that's chronically at least 25% too small and a RAM that would at least need 30% more memory cells).

Is it possible to install a older version of open wrt on it to just play with device? If so how do I install the older versions of open wrt on the device? Thank you for your info.