WNDR4700 Stuck with firmware upgrade

Im trying to update a WNDR4700 to the latest firmware, but I firmware reset my WNDR4700 through LuCi awhile ago(i dont remember why) and can't get it to connect to the internet to install luci again.
I then started trying to upgrade over ssh but couldnt find a sysupgrade.bin only .tar, which Im not sure will work. But I think I read somewhere that sysupgrade will know what to do with it.
Then i tried to do a check sum on the file I uploaded to /tmp by scp but sha256sum doesnt seem to work.
Im at a lost as to where to go from here.

os release says im on "LEDE Reboot r1297"


gives the upgrade firmware as


I've never seen a .tar upgrade file, but it is likely due to a different flash structure than I'm used to. I believe it has NAND and also a kernel partition.

This link https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_fwdownload?dataflt[Model*~]=wndr4700 shows the upgrade file in tar format, which I believe is what Craz is refering to. What technology is your isp? Cable, Dsl, Fiber, Cellular, etc...

Its a dsl connection. The Wndr4700 is connected to a Dgnd3700v2 via Lan ports.


If you update to the latest master/snapshot image, you'll definitely be running into a problem. The WNDR4700 kernel got too big and the NAND had to be re-partitioned. So sadly, if you want to upgrade to have to use the built-in firmware recovery mode of the WNDR4700.

I posted the instructions in the commit:

To manually trigger the firmware recovery, the reset button has
to be pressed (and hold) during boot. U-boot will enter the "Upgrade
Mode" and starts a tftpserver listening on for a
tftp client from one of the four LAN/Ethernet ports to connect and
upload the new system: (enable tftp binary mode!).

I hope this will help you with your WNDR4700.