WNDR4700 + Plex

One of the reasons I thought about LEDE is the prospect of installing Plex - perhaps one of the NAS versions (although there is a Netgear version that comes in several processor flavors). Looking at dependencies and overhead on my Fedora laptop, the full version would seem out of the question.

Has anyone tried this? Any suggestions?


So, ideally, there would be a source code repository [or source tarball] for the Plex Media Server [ which I'm assuming you'd want to install].
On their page I can't seem to find other than packages for Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS/FreeBSD.

The FreeBSD tarball seemed interesting until I opened it and it was all sort of shared libs & binaries.

The way I would see this done [if it was do-able], is to get the source code tarball, create a Makefile that defines the build rules about how to compile it in the LEDE system, and then run it.
Then you can built it for all architectures & targets supported by LEDE.

Unfortunately, it can't be done, until Plex shows us the source.
[ Well, it could be done, but that would require insane amount of time + reverse engineering, which most people wouldn't do ]

You could try the binaries, cpu architecture must be the same in order to work.