WNDR4300 Static every 230 seconds on Dragonfly Black 1.5

Like the title says, I get a low screeching sound every 230 seconds on a Dragonfly Black 1.5 USB DAC when playing music from any source using ShairPlay, Shairport-Sync, or MPC over alsa. A cheap 16 bit DAC I also use does not have this problem. Before I upgraded to 19.07.4 from 19.07.2 the noise was happening every 60 seconds.

Any ideas on how on how to further debug this? I watched Top and don't see anything usual when the static happens. I think I read there may be some USB issue with the WNDR4300, but it seems like some process must be doing a lot of interrupts periodically or something.

The 16 bit DAC sounds ok, but I have some higher def music I want to stream also. I have another higher resolution DAC that doesn't have the issue either.


running snapcast client on wndr4300 out a zalman zm-rssc without issue.

i would probably move some test audio locally (it is a shame alsa-utils doesn't seem to include speaker-test) and run a serial cable for console, then begin stopping network interfaces and processes. might be able to find the issue. though the fact other dacs don't have the noise is strange.

Thanks for the reply, blackcat.I could probably setup a snapcast test although straight up mpc form an nfs share showed the same issue.