WNDR3800 slow upload


I am using a Netgear WNDR3800 on a 50/50 mbit line. I got 50 mbit download speed but my upload is only around 18-20 when using WIFI. If I connect to the lan port I get the 50 so it's a WIFI problem.

Tried 18.06.8 and 19.07.4, both ar71xx and ath79, all firmware used in standard configuration.

What could be the reason for the slow upload? Is the device not capable of handling more when using with LEDE?

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Maybe a radio issue between station and router? For download your router sends the data and that seems okay, but for upload your station transmits and the router receives, so potentially one of the two is unhappy with one of the functions. Do the rates change if you change the relative positioning between station and router? Try, say 1m distance, ~3m distance, in the next room, ...

The rate does not change on position change unfortunately. I have the 18-20 mbit upload 30 cm away from the router. 5 meters away the rate is still the same. tried with laptop and mobile phone. same result. so it is definitely the router. I wonder if the WNDR3800 does reach upload speeds above 20 mbit on 2.4Ghz WIFI with Lede.

Could you post the output of tc -s qdisc just to confirm that there is no stuck traffic shaper somewhere that causes this issue?

Is tc part of some package? It's not available in the standard configuration as it seems.

Turns out, the cable modem was at fault. Replacement brought the router back to a 50/50 Mbit speed.

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