WNDR3800 restored Art partition

I needed to restore my Art partition on my WNDR3800 recently to put it back into service, which worked (details here).

I noticed that wifi is functioning fine for most devices in my household EXCEPT my Ubuntu laptop. I've been testing before swapping it in by just powering it up and seeing if devices can associate and hit the LuCI web GUI page. Any ideas why this might be happening or a testing method to see why it's not working?

You didn't restore ART (for that you would have had to restore your own backup, not someone else's), you overwrote it with a calibration data for a different device. This is an important distinction here, as the wifi calibration is specific to each and every device and contains delta values to fix up production variances between components - writing another ART will get the driver recognize your wireless card again, but it can't provide the service it's supposed to (leaving the wireless out of specification or even worsening it). In this situation it's very difficult to distinguish between genuine interoperability issues at hardware and/ or driver level - or if your device's calibration is just too far off (at least for some devices).

Given the age of these devices (PSU and phy/ capacitors), the hardware going weak isn't out of the question either.

turns out I just needed to reboot the misbehaving laptop and everything is fine now.

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