WNDR3800 or WNDR3800CH?

My router identifies itself as NETGEAR WNDR3800CHMYCHART. This indicates to me that I should be using the firmware for ar71xx generic WNDR3800CH. However, for some reason, I installed ar71xx generic WNDR3800, instead.

Is it worth it to switch to WNDR3800CH? Everything seems to be working fine, and I would hate to have to reconfigure everything.

It think that nobody has really identified if there is any hardware difference between the normal and the CH (China???) version. Likely there has been some difference in the firmware, but quite possibly the hardware is the same. So running the normal image should be ok, I think.

The CH version has been mentioned only a few times in the forum.


The meaning of "CH" is mentioned in the reply message.
“The WNDR3800-1CHNAS was actually one that Netgear produced for Charter Communications, an ISP. ”

Official firmware maybe has some different. I don't know.
I used 3800 OP firmware at 3800CH machine long time, and is OK, very stable, so I think not need to change firmware to CH version.

I have a lot of 3800s and 3800CHs that I use for the Scale conference, firmware
that loads on one won't load on the other, but I've got a few where the outside
says one but the firmware required is the other.

If it's working, keep using what you have on it. the board probably got swapped
to the wrong case.

David Lang