WNDR3800 ath79 build wifi slower than ar71xx build

I found that on WNDR3800, ath79 build 2.4Ghz Wifi slower than ar71xx build.
ath79 build only get about 3.5MB/s. 2.4Ghz 40Mhz
ar71xx build get about 10MB/s. 2.4Ghz 40Mhz
Same network, Same wifi channel, test on speedtest.
I think this is a serious performance issue. How can I fix it?

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I upgraded WNDR3700 v1 (which I use as a ‘dumb AP’) to 19.07.0 & 19.07.1 and have been experiencing worse wifi coverage and speed aswell. I’ve compared to 18.06.6 and have approximately 20-30 dB worse at the same position in my apartment. This means that I have no coverage at part of the apartment aswell unfortunately.

For now I’ve downgraded to 18.06.7 and experience the same coverage as in 18.06.6.

Has something changed in 19.07 that could explain this? Is there anything we could report additionally to help or change in the config?

Try ar71xx build.

That brings it back to the normal speed. Still strange that the ath79 build has these performance issues.

Same situation for tl-wr841n . ath79 build gives worst wireless performance. Even i can not get goot signal from 1 feet away of the router... I need to flash back ar71xx build and reconfigure my router.. :frowning:


I'm just linking to the bug-report about that matter with a patch:


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