WNDR3700v2 Recovery not working

I had an installed OpenWRT 19.01.01 running on my WNDR3700v2 until I saw that there was an update for my device. So I went to the OpenWRT (click) page where I downloaded the sysupgrade.bin file. Then I uploaded it on OpenWRT via the Flash Image Menu.

Then my device rebooted but not for the good. It just does not start, which means I can not ping it nor I can open the page in the web browser. I have already tried the steps described here (Recovery flash in failsafe mode) but my devices does not behave as expected? I have tried uploading the OpenWRT Firmware file (not the Sysupgrade of course) and the original Netgear firmware, but both times my devices just continues to blink it's power LED.

Anybody who can help?

EDIT: Maybe worth mentioning it. Although I am 100% sure that the file I downloaded from the page is should be the right one (since the page is definitely correct) my device told me after uploading that there is a signature mismatch (the uploaded firmware image said "WNDR3700" vs my device being "WNDR3700v2"). Probably my mistake was to force the installation. Though I am wondering why the wrong file is linked on the device page then?

EDIT2: I am using a linux device to upload the firmware via atftp client.

Since you didn't state explicitly, I'll ask: did you re-download the v2 factory image and try flashing it through TFTP?

I remember having similar issues with some dude selling me a v1 second hand. Turned out to be a v2, but he didn't have the box, and on the device itself it's not (always) advertised whether it's a v1 or v2. But since that guy had told me it was a v1, I kept trying to flash a v1 image through TFTP but of course it didn't bite.

I did redownload the factory image for v2 and uploaded it via TFTP but the behaviour is the same as the original Netgear image. (PowerLED just keeps blinking, no other reaction).

No I am pretty sure my device is a v2 since I already had OpenWRT installed. Furthermore on the box (which I luckily got with it) states that it is a v2 too.

Well it appears that I am just stupid and somehow it do not had a v2 but a v1. After uploading the original Netgear firmware for v1 my device just worked. I am sorry for disturbing you. My problem has been solved.


Blame Netgear for the messy label job they did :smiley:

Well, to my knowledge v1 says just "WNDR3700" and v2 says "WNDR3700v2" in the bottom.

v2 has 16 MB flash and v1 had only 8 Mb.

The wiki still has into about confusing labeling.

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