WNDR3700 weak/slow Wifi on 19.07

I was running 18.06 (Unsure exactly which patch) for a while before upgrading to 19.07.2 on a Netgear WNDR3700 V1.
Immediately after the upgrade Wifi performance was very poor.
Standing 1m away from the router, where previously my phone would have full signal was now 3/4 signal.
In another room, where previously phone would have 3/4 signal was now 1/4 and would frequently drop out.

I tried this for a few days, and then downgraded to 18.06.8.
Immediately after the downgrade, the Wifi returned to it's previous performance.

The difference between the Wifi performance of one firmware to the other is very noticeable.

I was not confident to play around with Wifi settings to try and fix the strength as I don't know what most of the settings are for, so I am after some advice on how I can try and debug this issue on 19.07.2?

Have same issue. You can try to tune transmit power, like here, but for my WNDR3700v1 18.06 was better anyway.
And here same issue, maybe official recommendation for this device should be 18.06...

BTW, how did you downgrade? Is regular flashing "sysupgrade image" in 19.07 to 18.06 ok?

Interesting.. I would like to try again with the country setting but I will wait till another FW version comes out.

I can't remember specifically how I downgraded.. think I installed 18.06 from scratch, not a sysupgrade image.

This was fixed in 19.07.4:

  • Fix wifi range and throughput for WNDR3700, WNDR3800 (FS#3088)

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