WLE3000HX on APU2C4

So, I'm about to order a sample of the WLE900VX, from some wholesaler, but then the WLE3000HX caught my eye.

More than double the price, but WiFi 6. And comes with a heat sink installed.

Comparing the data sheets, the 3000 conumes 9W max, the 900 consumes 5W max.

I'd probably not even use WiFi6, at least for now.
Operating temperature -20°C - 70°C, the industrial variant up to 85°C.

My question is just, if it's supported nowadays, and what, if any experience anyone had with it.

Thanks in advance

That is more of a question to pcengines than OpenWrt. As the heatsink implies, wifi6 cards are running hot, you are very likely to encounter heat problems inside the rather slim APU2 case - and if the board can even supply 10 watts (or 9 watts in this case) power over 3.3V is rather questionable (this is not covered by mini-PCIe specs and most older devices can't do it).

My personal take from this would be to externalize the WLAN features to a dedicated (OpenWrt supported-) wifi6 AP rather than paying more to shoehorn a new expensive card into the old chassis.

can't find any power specs, but perhaps MT7921 would be a better (and cheaper) option ?
they sell for ~15€/$..