Wlan1 disappear

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I am using OpenWrt 18.96.2 on a router Linksys WRT1 900ACV1, I changed router IP from to, the router woks fine for almost 3 hours, after this time wireless 5 GHz disappears. I think that the IP change aforementioned is the problem, because if I run /etc/init.d/network restart , the wireless 5 GHZ reappears. Can you advice me to solve this issue?, please.

Thanks in advance

The IP range shouldn't have any effect on the WLAN at all, but it would be nice to rule it out before digging deeper - so please try to reproduce it with

What's more likely would be a detected DFS event.

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You are right, the problem was the time that wanl1 needs to go up. Everything is working fine.


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