WLAN Power Amplifier Module

does the SKY85405 Skyworks;SKY65971-11;;3;
5GHz WLAN Power Amplifier Module

really help? how much db increase? does the mini pcie version of qca9880 have it or only internal ones do? thx

are you trying to turn your router into a ray gun?

If you need better wifi coverage you need to buy more wifi access points, not wlan power amps.

Wifi is a two-way system, shooting a "wifi beam of destruction" from your router will not help if your laptop and phones and other devices are too weak to send a signal back.

This is why mesh wifi devices (and also why ethernet cable) exist. Wifi access points can use high power and good antennas (or ethernet cable) to talk to each other, while they are close enough to other devices that have weaker antennas and power transmitters.