WLAN Network settings here Cisco Meraki MR18

Question for WLAN Settings (here Meraki MR18, but I think it’s nearly the same with other Hardware)
When I look at the Hardware capabilities and I try to understand it, there are three physical sender/receiver phy0…phy2. with different power (see below). In other postings I understand that one Wiphy could be for detection of other signals and so on to optimize operation. (Usage of phy0 and phy1 is clear for me, I hope)

In the capabilities all Wiphy’s support same modes. By virtue of power output I think phy2 is for such things. But I have no idea how to config this Wiphy phy2 so that it could work for radar detection and so on.

My first idea was to config two phy2 networks (Band1 & Band2) with mode=monitor. But when I did so, nothing else changed… Is there anybody that could tell me how to config phy2?

Summery of HW capabilities
Wiphy phy2 Band 1 11dBM and Band 2 8bdBm
Wiphy phy1 Band 2 16-23dBm
Wiphy phy0 Band 1 20dBm
{Band 1 (2,4Ghz), Band 2 (5GHz) }

You don't configure the detection radio whatsoever. Simply ignore it. It is not intended to be used in the manner you describe.

It is only to be used for what you stated - Radar Detection. Which is a legal requirement in most countries - for employing the upper 5.4 GHz portion of the band.

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... Thanks, means that i have to disable this phy2 or should i remove it?


No. Again, you should:

DO NOTHING to the DFS radio.

So sorry, i'm stuppid. ... I have already tried some settings. And i did not remember the initial settings. So now it looks like picture above (disabled). I understand that this is ok. (do nothing) Right?

Just reset to defaults then, simple.

I don't have a device with an exposed DFS radio to test or verify for you.

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