WLAN MPCIe recomendations for new build

I hope everyone is well. I am new to this forum. I just purchased a Qotom Q370G4 to use with OpenWRT. I am looking for recommendations on the best/stable MPCIe Dual Band 802.11ac card. I am looking for a single card with 3t3r that would transmit on both bands. Your assistance is very much appreciated. I look forward to your reply.

While I am new to OpenWrt, I have some experience with DD-WRT and lots of experience with pfSense in a SOHO environment.

Assuming this is for an access point, it seems like everywhere I've been previously the recommendation is always to use a separate off-the-shelf WiFi device with WLAN bridged to LAN.

The usual reasons given for this include the cards not having much wattage to begin with, low number of supported or decent cards, higher price for performance, and likely the most important is a separate access point can be put in a location for best coverage, but YMMV.