WLAN/LAN-Bridge, monitor mode

Hello @ all,

i am new here. What i want to do is, sniffing WLAN with Wireshark and LEDE, i need a router that i can set in monitor mode with iw or iwconfig and also i need a wlan/lan bridge so that all of the traffic of the wlan can mirrored to the lan port not as tcpdump.

So someone knows a Router that can sniff in monitor mode 5GHz and 2,4 GHz with 256 QAM in both frequencies? I know that TP-Link C7 V2 can set in monitor mode, but not all physical layer information are shown e.g. from aggregated frames.

It exist a package for backport driver or these must compilated at my own?

Thanks for help.


Wouldn't it be easier to use a hardware PCI card in a computer with WireShark for this?