WLAN Drivers ToH mystery

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I did posted this earlier -> WLAN drivers / Hardware table explanation
But I'm starting to doubt in many infos available on the ToH .
Take a look at this picture -

How come ArcherA6 is using ath10k-ct only for 2.4G and 5G radios while the next router with absolutely same radios use ath10k, ath10k-ct and ath9k.
Need explanation on this.
As earlier question. Is this means if you pick up ath9k driver manually from the image builder it will actually work for the 2.4G or not?
The chips QCA9560 and QCA9563 are they the same (as my Archer A6 says it is 9560 on Network->Wireless) and what drivers do they use actually ?

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AFAIK ath9k is required for the WMAC which is the SoC-integrated QCA956x WiFi (2.4GHz). It might just be a mistake / missing data in the ToH.

I suppose this comes from the fact that ath9k is automagically included by the build system whereas ath10k needs to be specified manually when bringing up device support.

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Good answer but all this has to be proved.
And EAP225 in the example states 3 drivers used for 2 chips. It turns out it is up to the user choice of which 2 drivers will be used ? What if this is actually wrong as well ?

And at the top of all look at the following new example

Unsupported 5Ghz radio and yet ToH states ath10k driver for the remaining QCA9558 (if we assume that QCA9880-AR1A is out of the game). Isn't QCA9558 as well for ath9k driver?

These Atheros chips and drivers combo must be explained explicitly from somebody who really knows what happens in here.

ath10k is the driver for the 9880, so in a way this is correct, but it doesn't support the AR1A revision of the chip, so it's not correct.

ath10k and ath10k-ct are mutually exclusive as both support the same chips.

Since it's a Wiki, feel free to correct wrong or missing data.

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