Wlan (Bridge) 2 hops

i need a solution for my problem.
I´ve a network and need 2 new device (LAN1 and LAN2 > not VLAN). I´can´t lay a cable so i need to do that wireless :frowning:
I did it with ubquiti hardware but this is to expensive, so i want to use 2 or 3 tp-link router ( or other hardware ... please feel free) .....

How can i do this ??

Thanks and stay healthy

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WDS, probably. Get something with Qualcomm/Atheros chipset to ensure compatibility. That should be simple enough to do with 2 routers, or more than one router connecting to a common router.

I am not sure if it's possible with 3 routers as two hops, but I think it should work. You will want to have routers with two radios.

There is not vlan concept in wifi, so you'll have to bridge a wifi interface to a vlan interface on the OpenWrt routers.

Depending on your building layout, you might be able to get the distance using some of these. This was just the cheapest one I found from a 1min search, there’s quite a few of these available now

but there´s no VLAN.
I explained it ..... LAN1 and LAN2 are the 2 different Clients (wired)

Thkz Sparks

there´s no connection between the circuits ... thats the rason to take WLAN

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you'll create it on the switch of the rightmost OpenWrt.

Thkz for your help ... please read the text correct.
I don´t need any VLAN !!
One Lan connect to Device1 > wireless > Device2 > wireless > Device3
In Device3 I want to plug in 2 Lan cables (integrated switch in Device3) for the 2 Devices


Then write the specs better.

You want to plug 2 ethernet cables.
And on device 3 there are not LAN1 and LAN2, but a single LAN.

As you can see, LAN1/2 are differently interpreted (as separate networks) as you had intended.
I think it would help to clear up the confusion if you replaced LAN1/2 by Device/PC/Client/... 1/2 in your sketch in the first posting.

May I add that if the purpose of router 2 (and even possibly router 1) is to provide Internet access to router 3 as you can't extend a cable, then you could instead consider a set of poweline adapters.