WLAN associated but no DHCP or IP on OpenWrt WLAN client

I have an OpenWRT v19 office router and an LTE router on the window sill. The office router acts as a WLAN DHCP client to the LTE router. Now I switched my provider's LTE router to a ZBT WG3526 running the current OpenWRT v20. There were no changes on the office router, but now I can't connect to the OpenWrt LTE router.
There are WLAN associations on both sides but nothing else. With interface protocol "DHCP client" I get no IP addresses and when I switch to "static address" there is still no IP (ping) connectivity to the LTE router. On the other hand, a Windows 10 DHCP client gets addresses from the LTE router and happy connects to the Internet.

OK, found the issue when collecting config files for a follow up post. So thanks, forum :slight_smile:
The client was configured for WDS (I think that was necessary to route between WLANs, not sure though) but the master was not. Enabling WDS on the master solved the issue.
Surprised though, that the old dumb-as-f* Alcatel router even supported WDS. Didn't even cross my mind. Sorry for wasting everybody's time, I should really catch up on config files....