WLAN and WIFI providers (ArcherC6v2)

Hi guys, i search other posts like this, but I'm not sure if i find the right answer...

I have the Archer C6 v2 (EU) and actually using the original firmware i use the WAN port to receive internet from WIFI provider, external antenna down ethernet cable, only to plug into WAN, now I would like to update OPENWRT only that I have not found other examples of people using these types of providers ...Have any idea? In your opinion, should I proceed or search better? Probably is the same dose of "paranoia" i have, but i view various cases of people try, search any way to "revert" and not find, related to my hardware.

Many thanks for any info.

Your description sounds to me, as if the actual (wwan) wifi-router would sit on the roof (probably inside the antenna casing, with a directional antenna), unrelated to the archer c6v2 itself. If that is the case, it should be easy to replace the archer (or install OpenWrt on it).

If that is the case, there would be two things to consider:

  • are you the actual owner of the archer - or is it just rented as part of the contract (and needs to be returned in original configuration at the end of the contract)
  • is the OEM firmware modified by the ISP (very often the case for the actual wwan wireless router connecting to the uplink, in which case it would be game over) - or just the stock TP-Link OEM firmware.

In either case, I would first -for temporary testing- approach that issue differently, and simply check what happens if you remove the archer from the equation and replace it with some other (OpenWrt-) router - anything, and be it an ordinary PC running OpenWrt's x86_64 images (this is not to be used in production, just to check that it works, before touching the archer); at worst you may have to clone the archer's WAN MAC address.

If you have settled these questions, you should know if installing OpenWrt on the archer is possible (within reason) or not.