WL-WN572HG3 Soft Hack?


@varu I've been testing successfully for a while now; seems stable.
That said, OpenWRT seems kinda slow compared to stock. With stock, I get a little over 300mbps on 5ghz channel 36, 80mhz... with OpenWRT, same channel and config, I get about 190mbps.

I wonder what could be the reason for this? I would have thought stock firmware is also linux, using the same driver? Could it be just a config issue? I'm not sure what I could tweak to improve perf... but there's a big delta from stock.

Also, maybe it would be a good idea to formalise the build, and update this: https://openwrt.org/inbox/toh/wavlink/wavlink_ac1200?s[]=wavlink

Hello friend , can u send those firmware please ... email is ( one_usa@hotmail.my ) Thank you ..