With the new update they removed the ability to change mtu via luci to pppoe

Hi all
I updated and saw that the setting to install mtu manually in the network adapter on a pppoe connection via luci had disappeared, before that it was always there.
It is not very convenient to change it via telnet. Bring her back :slight_smile:

Itโ€™s in the advanced settings tab. And openwrt doesnโ€™t have telnet.

This was in the WAN interface in the expanded settings section.
In this section there was a MTU set for PPPOE, but now after the new very last update of the packages that have recently been updated, this tuning is gone.
That is, mtu via luci can no longer be installed on the pppoe connection

I just checked it on 23.05.3.

Have you upgraded packages?
What is the output of ubus call system board

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