WIth old 17.01 make menuconfig no update

I use official OpenWrt

git checkout v17.01.4

i modify a little mt7621.mk
i start make menuconfig & i have nothing updated

i remove all files in tmp & at this time make menuconfig configuration is up to date

it's just annoying because the construction then takes a long time
is there a trick ?

As you are already aware, 17.01 is very very old. It is EOL, completely obsolete, and entirely unsupported. It also has many potentially serious security vulnerabilities. It should not be used anymore.

Where did you get the source code that you are working with? Did it come from the OpenWrt downloads page or somewhere else?


These sources are not from the official OpenWrt project. Therefore, you need to ask your questions in the support channels for the vendor/maintainer of that particular source.


@Annick has told me that they tried with the official source code and still runs into the same issue.

I've unlocked this thread for now (topic close timer wil lbe set instead) in case anyone is able and willing to assist.

@Annick - please understand that you may not get any help here -- the devs (and others knowledgable about compiling OpenWrt and troubleshooting issues) may not be interested in helping for such an old and completely unsupported version. Further, even those that are willing may not remember the nuances of a 6 year old release... much has changed in the ensuing 4 (almost 5) major releases since 17.01.

Please do not bump your thread to keep it open. The auto-close timer is there because the topic should be closed if nobody responds in a reasonable amount of time since you are using an unsupported and eol version.


did you ever try to boot in VM some older ubuntu, 14.04 or 16.04 and compile from there ?

i think 14.04 is from that era

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