Wish for Luci WireGuard Status Menu

HI everybody, nothing important, but a wish for the developers, I would love, to see in the WireGuard Status Luci Page, where you see the Peers, that there would also appear the description field content, as I put the hostname in there...would be cool, to see the description field content there too, Great Job you guys do.. Thank you very much for OpenWRT, its damn cool! Keep up the great work!

There is such a thing, it's called luci-app-wireguard. I read about in this blog post

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Thanks, I know...Im using it... I havent expressed myself good... I ment, when you click on it you get kinda status info about the wireguard peers, which peer is connected, and you see under other infos the public keys... but you dont see directly a kinda comment field...called description that comes as option to add a comment to each peer you create a public key for .... imagine, you take a look on WireGuardStatus, and you have many clients, and see the cryptokeys..doesnt help much lol...would be cooler if also the description field woudld appear there...as you could type in there: Host A User A, Host B User B ..or whatever ...

That's because luci-app-wireguard calls and parses the output of the wg show all command which only displays essential information about its interfaces.

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Super, now I understand, Thanks for explaining:slightly_smiling_face:

regarding description - there is commit which is waiting to be merge:


I am currently running openwrt 18.06.02 on a Fritz!Box 4040 (arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4).

I have installed wireguard and luci-app-wireguard.

But I would like to have some of the improvements of the snapshot release of luci-app-wireguard.

May I install it under the stable release with no problem?
Should I install wireguard shnapshot too?

How may I do that?

I have tried to install it as a package (using the http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/packages/arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4/luci/luci-app-wireguard_git-19.149.33019-889e8ee-1_all.ipk) and it did not work.

The changes between snapshot and stable luci-app-wireguard are not really substantial. I did not try it myself, but if it doesn't work it probably means that something else that luci-app modules rely on changed between stable and snapshot. You can try, but if it doesn't work, you probably can't make it work.

That I can answer with a definitive: No, you can't, don't even try. WireGuard itself is a kernel module and as such very much tied to the kernel of your build.

I was told that the snapshot of the luci-app-wireguard let you generate QR codes an config files, in order to let you easily send that file o that image to the users of the tunnel and configure their device (mobile or whatever you are using).

If there are important changes in the funcionality of wireguard, I suppose it will not work.

I had guessed that wireguard would be more delicate to install a snapshot in the stable version. I won't try it.

But the problem was prior to being able to test, the software installation tool in luci says it cannot find a valid image in that address.