Wirless Configuration

Using OpenWrt Since 2 months, an it was absolutely awesome.
My Router Model is TL-WR740N V4
First of all i don't have a PC, I installed OpenWrt via Wirless.My problem is when i reset the device my Wirless network is not enabled. i have to turn on Radio by connect a secondary router of LAN.
is there any way to enable Radio without PC or a Secondary LAN device?
i have only one router and no pc.
so i have enable radio to go outside or manage a secondary router...
Thanks in Advance

what do you reset.
do you mean restart?
or reset configuration?
cause in the second case that is the desired outcome.
if the first, then you can an issue worth tracking.

Defaulting to wifi on would be a security issue. A custom build can be made to do that, but that requires a PC.

Once OpenWrt is installed, you can do sysupgrades with settings saved and wifi will stay on.


Restore default

Thank you!