Wireless to Ethernet bridge

Hello Everyone!

I'm moving to a building where only wireless Internet is available. It's not possible to get cable or DSL, the only way to access the Internet is through the ISP's wireless router.

What would be a good solution to hook up a desktop PC and another desktop PC to the Internet? I'm thinking of a travel router like the GL.iNet GL-MT300N V2 or wireless extender like the Netgear EX6100.


What are your plans to do with the network? If I would have to choose between the both devices above I would go for the Netgear device. Because of hardware specs. As far as I can see only v2 of EX6100 is supported!? So be carefull what you are buying.

What are your plans to do with the network?

Mostly websurfing and email. Doing streaming video, videoconferencing or VOIP would probably not go to well over a wireless connection in a student rental shared with God-knows-how-many parties.

I've now bought an EX6100v2 and assigned the 2.4 GHz radio to the firewall WAN zone and the ethernet port to the LAN zone. It works, I can get to the Internet through my router. There is of course a NAT behind a NAT, but I don't see issues. Anything I should be aware of?

Well, double NAT is very bad for voip/sip:

In short:

The audio traffic is handled by another protocol and to make matters worse, the port on which the audio traffic is sent is random. The NAT router may be able to handle the signaling traffic, but it has no way of knowing that the audio traffic is related to the signaling and should hence be passed to the same device the signaling traffic is passed to. As a result, the audio traffic is not translated properly between the address spaces.

The "quality" of the other services you mentioned (applys to voip also) are dependend on how is your band width or rather how is traffic managed in the front of your router/connection. QoS almost cannot do anything for you if the line in front is acting like a switch without any traffic managment (e. g. an assured band with for your connection).