Wireless tethering as router WAN failover?


I'm looking for a router, ideally supporting OpenWrt, that would automatically switch to my smartphone's wireless tethering (4G) when my home connection (FTTH) is down, either directly via WiFi, or via another router that would do WiFi-to-Ethernet (I already have one, although using it is optional, but I did manually try it and performance is perfect).

I'm not interested in USB tethering because I want my phone to remain mobile, I'm not interested in secondary SIM because I don't want to pay monthly for it, and I'm not interested in just broadcasting an identical AP from my phone because devices don't necessarily switch and Ethernet devices necessarily remain offline.


mwan3 package, along with a router powerful enough to route your FTTH at full speed ?

Alright, how can I get the list of routers fitting this ?

you can't, until you tell us the speed of your FTTH.

Right now it's 600 Mbps but I'd rather be future-proof if it's not too expensive, i.e. up to 10 Gbps, so 2 Gbps Ethernet ports would be nice.


there aren't a lot of devices with multiple multi gig ports, but here's a couple

2 multi gig ports
1 multi gig port

AX devices, stay away from anything having < 128MB flash.

if you can do the wifi<>phone part using some old router hw (running openwrt), then a cheap x86 might be an option.

All of these have two WAN ports ?

No, but you don't really need it, you can create an additional wan port in OpenWRT.

Oh, nice, thanks !

Or get something like https://www.ebay.com/itm/305066130018, if your router doesn't need wifi.
Capped at 1gbit though.

With an expectation of 10 GBit/s, the old apu boards with AMD jaguar cores are totally inadequate and useless.

For 2.5GBASE-T you'll probably get away with N95/ N100 Atom systems, for 10 GBit/s don't go below core i5 (skylake or newer).

That's why post said 1gbit ,)

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