Wireless SSID Refresh Time, compared to Realtime Power, and Channel Monitoring

Using the Channel Analysis option in OpenWRT ive found the following is not updating fast enough.

The Graphs seem to use realtime monitoring of the Frequency, Channel, Distance, and Power. Though what i have found is the SSID is not refreshed as fast, its like the last SSID is cached for some time.

Until the browser is refreshed, the SSID is not updated, saying to me, the Java is behind.

Maybe its as simple as adding some code to update SSID at the same time as Power (dB) etc.

Its something trivial, though randomised SSID in a Time Frame of a second is worth recognising.

Will this trivial thing be updated so Channel Analysis is absolutly precise?

I changed my SSID a few times to test this, and it only updates after browser refresh. Though all other variables refesh in realtime.

It’s open source, clone the repo, create your patch and submit a pull request.

Im asking for a patch, not for me to create one. Ive no knowledge of how the OS is Programmed, only how to use it to its full potential.

Do you have a patch to fix this? jdwl101 ?

This is the development forum, for discussion of dev projects contributors are working on.

I’m not going to develop this function as it does not offer a function I need or want.

Ohh well, nevermind.

What you need, or want, doesnt mean nobody else needs or wants it, so the queston has arrisen.

As for being a Development Forum, unless a question is asked, there would be no development, apart from the Modules you only want, im guessing?