Wireless Settings Not Available in Luci

On following this guide to try to improve wifi performance, after I added

        option bursting 1
        option ff 1
        option compression 1
        option turbo 1

to config wifi-device 'radio0', the wireless menu was gone from Luci. I didn't even have to restart the radio or anything else.

As I understand Luci drops the section because it doesn't understand the parameters in the conf. Is there a module I can install to manage these settings thru Luci or these parameters are not supported at all by Luci, or maybe even LEDE?

What device do you have?

Perhaps, the issue is your device doesn't handle all the configs.

This is a Broadcom-only parameter.

These are Atheros-only parameters.

See: https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/wireless (can't find this link in the new Wiki)

So...if your wireless chip is neither Atheros nor Broadcom, that might be the problem.

You would request those be added to the already-existing LuCI application. No extra modules would be needed. But, as I noted, these parameters are not valid for all brands of WiFi chips.

right, should have included that info. it's a R7800 (https://www.qualcomm.com/products/qca9984)

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The menu is missing because you introduced syntax errors in your wireless config. Run uci show wireless > /dev/null to see them.

Also note the the parameters you posted are only understood by the long eol madwifi driver. No driver on no current OpenWrt or LEDE version will understand them, they‘ll simply get ignored.


OK...that makes sense.

I will check the syntax. but from that page it is hard to know which options are supported on my device.

or are unsupported commands considered syntax errors?


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