Wireless security via the command line

I would like to know how to enable wireless security by the command line. I am using a banana pi r3 which is only supported by snapshots right now, so no luci that I can find. The link above covers it via luci but not with uci commands. I am pretty new to openwrt so maybe I am not saying some of this the right way. The link I posted shows how to enable wireless security with Luci but not on the command line which I thought was weird.

  • opkg update && opkg install luci
  • Use the firmware selector to get a Snapshot image with LuCI added
  • Use a release version

how about using vi or nano or what ever editor to edit /etc/config/wireless

 vi /etc/config/wireless

press i to start edit
press esc to exit from edit
type :w enter to save
type :q enter to quit

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