Wireless Scan on Latest Builds

On the ath79 builds on a tp-link A6, in Luci, hitting wireless scan does nothing except to immediately time out your login session..at least for me. You can certainly scan using iwlist and wavemon tho.

Anyone else see this? Obviously a very minor issue to me since there are multiple other ways to scan so you can pick a channel.

This function works for me on an ath79 device running:

  • LuCI Master (git-19.301.33306-7707b67) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11357-b49f2113cc
  • Also working on a device running LuCI Master (git-19.348.21714-7b0ae11) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r11678-9e1e432469

I can upgrade and test further?

What version are you running?