Wireless Scan, doesn't show any available networks

Hi Openwrt,

I am trying to scan for available home network to connect to the wifi device and provide network but when I try to scan, no devices are shown, can I know want is the cause of this issue.

Thanks wit regards,

So would we, but you've provided zero (that's a 0, with lots of extra 0s) info, except "it doesn't work".

Possible sources of error:

  • Global warming
  • Your router's in a faraday cage
  • There aren't any networks around

If I'm to stand any chance in the Grumpy Old Git Awards, I need to up my game.

Two more sources of error:

  • You are using an RPi
  • Your router's wireless is broken (see above re RPi)


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Or RTL, based on OPs old posts ...

No this is not a RPi based project, we were using RPi previously to understand openWRT, and the current chipset details and board details are confidential that is the reason I haven't mentioned anything about them.

Further based on the given feedback:
For sure this is not something regarding Global warming
And also not because there is network around as the same scan was working fine in case of RPi previously (Note: this is previous case).

I have raised the assuming it might be some configuration issue which is missing the current build which we have flashed in our board (Note: as of now cant reveal the board details as its confidential)

then I guess the solution will be equally confidential ...

and how exactly would we know ?
you have black box HW, running a black box OS, and you usk us for a fix ?

can I call you when my lawn mower or car doesn't start ?


It is most likely then that one or more of the following apply:

  • your hardware is broken
  • your configuration is wrong
  • you have something missing from your current build
  • your current build is broken

As your project is "confidential", there is nothing anyone can do to help here other than give generic advice.

"Confidential" implies either a commercial project or perhaps an academic competition.

If it is the former, you should consider employing someone with the necessary expertise to help, and if it is the latter, you will have to take the risk of giving more information to see if anyone is willing to help.