Wireless router vs access point

So after my openwrt ac58-u wireless is not working i have 2 choices:

  1. buy another wifi router:
    im looking for a cheap one but it has to support AC and to be openwrt compatible - ipq4018 devices are attractive and this asus seems like a very good choice (ea6350 version is unknown when buying from amazon and other ipq4018 devices are unavailable for me).
    the asus was working great for me: openwrt support is good and i did not run into problems with the 128mb ram. 55$ on amazon.

points for wireless router path:

  • proven openwrt support
  • one device for routing and wireless so less clutter
  • pretty much open source and platform frequently updated.
  1. buy a wireless access point:
    i can use the asus as a router with openwrt and connect it to a wireless AP like unifi ac-lite or the cheaper eap225 froo tp-link. 65$ on amazon.

points for the AP path:

  • better wireless support/performance (?)
  • i can relocate it to a better place and i recycle the router (i hate throwing away electronics and i also hate not using the stuff i have :slight_smile:)
  • biggest disadvantage form me is relying on manufacturer closed source/locked firmware, i would like to stay as much open source as i can.

so putting aside the price differences are there any more points you think about? something i missed?


I suggest you TP-Link Archer C60 V2 :wink::slightly_smiling_face: