Wireless router for 50 users streaming video

Dear All,

I am looking for wireless router 1gbps or less supported by openwrt, price should not very expensive.

Cheap and being able to achieve 1 GBit/s of routing throughput are contradicting each other, as you do need high-end hardware (mvebu or x86_64) to achieve that performance.


What does "not very expensive" mean for you? How much are you willing to spend?

See also What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device? for inspiration.


Though nothing in that "cheap" list will handle 1 Gbps routing.


Dear Friends,

Please find my requirement and share router model for the same.

We are into media streaming solution and Right now I am using TPlink 740N wireless router but 20 user is able to use streaming using 740 N router. We have requirement for 40 concurrent user who will view video using this router.

Please suggest wireless router supported by openwrt also power input will be 5V only as I am passing power supply from wireless router to another hardware.

I would strongly suggest removing the 5 V requirement. Routers with more than minimal CPU power, dual-band radios and/or radios with "full-power" output require more power from the supply than can be reasonably supplied over 5 V. The current is too high at 5 V to be suppled over the wiring and connectors typically used for 5 V.

What is the bandwidth of the video streams?

Are the clients capable of 802.11ac operation?

The https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr740n is wildly under-spec-ed for handling 40 concurrent clients with moderate bandwidth streaming. It's actually nearly non-functional in many home-router situations. https://openwrt.org/supported_devices/432_warning

If you figure on the order of 4 mbps per client, that's 160 mbps of throughput. You're going to likely need either the clients to be able to connect with 802.11ac or multiple routers. 802.11n supports ~50 mbps on a good day. If you're doing anything more than routing (such as NAT or SQM), you'll likely need a multi-core ARM-based router. Again, not "cheap".


No , some clients are having older version of Mobile so they are not capable of 802.11ac operation. The bandwidth of videos are 480p and 720p.

Please suggest wireless router accordingly.

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That is resolution, what is the bandwidth of the streams?

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A very rough rule of thumb says that one AP interface shouldn't serve more than ~30 STAs with light to normal browsing (less for video streaming or low-latency requirements (SIP)).


Can you pls recommend solution for me ? Which wireless router can be fit for 50 users ?

2 mbps is the bandwidth of video.

based on @slh suggestion you should consider using a wireless router with at least one additional wireless access point to cover 50 devices. ( assuming each user only has one device ).


Dear Friend,

We have a product where we are using 1 wireless router and 1 computer board, I cant use multiple wireless router for the same.

Please help in recommending wireless router capable of supporting 50 users to stream video.

All the advice you're getting here is that:

  • 802.11n is unlikely sufficient to support the bandwidth you require on a single AP, even for half of your users
  • A single AP of any sort is unlikely to support the number of users at the bandwidth you require

You will have to either ignore the advice (and nobody in their right mind would suggest devices to you if you do) or run two APs. It is straightforward to do so with both on the same network serving the content from your "computer board".


what kind of video are you talking about?
multicast in a tightly tuned evironement could work.
but 50 smartphones pressing play on youtube will inevitebly grind down almost every single wifi-router, you need more than one and distribute the clients.

afaik most openwrt devices only support in the range of 10-16 wireless clients at a time. so looking at propritary (ubnt,ruckus,cisco) might be a good idea.

but in short:
the device you want does not exist.
if you find evidence to the contrary, be the person you were looking for and share your findings.


I can’t use two wireless device, we have a product and it consist 1 wifi router and one computer.

Please advise on alternative wifi router to be used.

Oh well, advice your end user that your product may not perform optimally with over 30 users.


Maybe you should start reading.

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Can you please comment on TPLINK Archer C20 AC750 ?

This router has good config and I think this will work for 50 users as this has dual band.