Wireless reset on every Save & Apply

I am running OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r13342-e35e40ad82 / LuCI Master git-20.144.63033-62ed4e6 and every time I select the Save & Apply button, regardless of the setting being changed, the wireless is restarted. When I was running a previous, 2018 version of LEDE, I did not have this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you view the uptime, is that also resetting?

Also, is there a reason you are using the snapshot build? The stable release builds are often easier and can be more reliable.

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I'll have to check uptime and let you know.

I'm using the older build as I had relied on the "dave" LEDE/LUCI builds and hadn't gone through the manual steps of installing/configuring LUCI. So, I decided to stick with the last "dave" build.

Also, what changes are you making that is causing what appears to be a reboot?

Pretty old, > 2 years, maybe just move to 22.03 stable.


So, it appears that the router is not rebooting as the uptime is not starting back at 0. I'm just losing all wireless network connectivity while the save is processing. I can just select Save & Apply in the System screen without making any changes and the issue occurs.

It's been awhile since I've perfomed a clean vs. upgrade install. Am I correct that, if I'm booted to partition 1 and perform System -> Backup/Flash Firmware -> Upload a sysupgrade-compatible image here to replace the running firmware and browse to the current 22.03 .bin file, a clean install of 22.03 will now reside on partition 2?


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That's why I asked.

Depending on what settings you change, if the network/wireless services need to be reloaded, or in some cases other core settings/services, you will temporarily have a connectivity break. If you make a change such as the timezone that doesn't affect the core services, I wouldn't expect this loss in connectivity (but I'd have to try that myself to verify).


Just selecting Save & Apply in the System -> System screen without changing anything causes the issue.

I'm going to, as suggested, install 22.03 and see how things function.