Wireless repeater

Hi Guys
I got a problem in Wireless network bridge (wireless repeater) WDS mode over 5GHZ
I get the Router to repeat and receive dhcp from the main network over lan side .
Ive enabled AP mode on 2.4 Ghz wlan and created new one thats added to lan network, but Im not getting any dhcp over the 2.4 Ghz radio

Is there anything that I'm missing?
Can anyone assist .Thank you

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Maybe this helps (relayd)

Be aware that most 5 GHz channels require DFS, which means the router first has to scan the air for radar for (at least-) 60s, before it can start an AP interface - that makes it take longer to get online and it isn't really helped by having to negotiate a client connection first. Still possible, but you do have to be patient after any (wifi-) configuration changes.

Thank you for your reply ,we trying this method.
The method below is a layer 2 transparent bridge. All broadcast packets (such as DHCP requests) will be sent in both directions over the wireless bridge and the original source MAC address of the wired devices on both sides are preserved even over the bridge.

ralayd doing a kinda nat the mac address behind the router.

This time Ive bridge the wifi to lan but no dhcp coming from the main repeated network ,this must be a bug or some sort.

Thank you for your advise

Yes it makes the connection ,I receive dhcp on lan side to anything connected to the router lan over repeated networkwork ,but not over the 2.4 Ghz Ap thats bidged to the lan .