Wireless repeater and MU-MIMO performance

What is the optimal hardware setup for a basic router (gateway, AP, dns, and dhcp) and wireless repeater?

TL;DR: Keep my current routers or upgrade one or both?

Next up: Dedicated WDS radio or radios? Mix AP clients and WPS? You can see share this is headed…

MR8300 main router with 2x 867Mbps 2x2:2 5GHz radios and 1x 2.4GHz radio. It’s adequate for streaming from wired server to wireless clients (all on this router) and more than enough for my internet connection.
—-5GHz WDS connection—-
WRT1900ACSv2 wireless repeater with a 5GHz and 2.4GHz radio. This mostly just supports IoT devices on 2.4GHz and then internet browsing and Netflix on phones amd tablets.

MR8300 or upgrade to something like the MR9000 that replaces one 5GHz radio with a 1733Mbps 4x4:4 5 GHz radio?
—-5GHz WDS connection—-
WRT1900ACSv2 or use the MR8300 above or another MR9000 for more 5GHz goodness?

I’m considering moving PCs and the server to the repeater (wired). In this config the 5GHz radios would stream media across the bridge as well as feed the clients. How is this for an extreme backhaul bandwidth estimate? 2x150Mbps for 2 UHD Blu-rays + 200Mbps for 200/200 fiber internet = 500Mbps. Then add a couple client streams of 150Mbps on top of the backhaul for Wi-Fi. Would other small tasks like IoT and general network overhead be negligible in this case? I’m sure I’m missing something, so let me know what it is.

Some of my research, in no particular order:


Seen already some youtube video's from OneMarcFifty?

Here he informs people about 3 different routers and there performances.
Maybe it helps you find the right answers.


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Thanks, I got around to watching this and although it's not a direct answer, he did give me a bunch of info about how to test wifi speeds, so it was very helpful. I'm now running different combos of iperf2 and iperf3 servers and clients on the 2 routers and on other clients to see how they affect each other.