Wireless networks don't work after hostapd update

I'm running a build with the hostapd-openssl package and the 5.10 testing kernel on my R7800. After flashing a build with the latest master my wireless networks don't work, and I get the following message spammed in the log:

daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: Attribute failed policy validation

I have confirmed that this doesn't happen on a build up to an including the commit before the hostapd update. A build based on master up to and including the hostapd update is what causes the wireless network failure and log messages (hostapd is actually updated in the parent commit, but fails to build if I don't include the following commit).

Could you take a look at this, @nbd?


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Pushed a fix for that. Please test.

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Everything appears to be working as it should now. Thanks!

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