Wireless Network selection

Wireless interface configuration, we have an option to change the network from default from " lan" to "wan". The lan is on eth0 and wan on eth1 in linksys 3200 ACM.

Are both these CPU (eth0, eth1) of same power ?

I need my wireless to be more powerful:

  • Presently i bridged all my WiFi SSID network configured as wan (eth1.2) . Default for WiFi network attached was lan (eth0)
  • LAN ports and VLAN ports to lan eth0.1,eth0.2, etc

For WiFi as most used option hope this configuration is correct. Thanks

This selection has to do with the source of data for the packets not the strength of the signal. By default the radio transmit power should be set to maximum (this is in Network-Wireless-(edit)) so there isn't any way to improve signal strength other than different hardware or a better location.

For the main router use case, "wan" would be connected only to the source of Internet (cable modem etc) and all wired and wireless users would be on "lan".

If you connect a wifi AP to "wan" the routing and firewall functions of OpenWrt are bypassed and those users are connected directly to the modem. This is seldom what you want.


thanks for that quick info. Just checked that with wifi AP to "wan" the network is same as modem, whereas for VLAN we had separate network created. Thanks for quick advise.

One more clarification for updating my knowledge in this field, With present configuration the WAN default interface had the firewall. Are we still bypassing the firewall functions as suggested in your reply.


Both the LAN and the WAN are associated with a firewall zone. This allows firewall rules to be set up that allow access to the WAN from the LAN (such as when you use a LAN PC to go to a website) but not in reverse (such as people on the Internet trying to hack your network).

Firewall rules don't apply between interfaces that are connected together on the same network using the physical settings -- Bridge interfaces checkbox. Those are linked for any connection.


thanks again. In default firewall as below, any LAN can talk to WAN. whereas WAN is set to reject communication. That is perfect and easy with your crisp and succinct explanation.

Hope my new one created- NetShare- for guest is safe

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