Wireless network bridge (Wireless Repeater)

Many greetings to all :grinning:

I have been trying desperately for many days :slight_smile: and without results :frowning: to get a wireless network bridge (wireless repeater) on a TP-Link Archer C20 v4 up and running.

My requirement is actually simple - I thought.

Router WLAN <-------> WLAN Archer C20 <+> WLAN AP "Home"
<+> WLAN AP "Guest"
Wireless only, no LAN. The router should do the IP assignment using dhcp.

I tried pretty much all the guides like this one

With relayd the router could not assign ip addresses and kmod-trelay does not work too...

I flashed in desperation the original sw, set up the Wireless 2.4 with "Enable WDS" and set up the guest Network - voila - works without problems. Of course with the known restrictions. But it works.

My question therefore: Does anyone have such a (working) configuration with OpenWrt 19.07 running and could send the config files (eg. / Etc / config / network / etc / config / wireless ...)

I thank you for the answers and the effort in advance

Best regards !

OpenWrt 19.07.3