Wireless Network Bridge for 2nd WAX202, do I need adblock on both devices?


I have two Netgear WAX202 routers running 21.03 openwrt. One is my main router and the 2nd one is connected via Wireless network bridge (WDS client). Same Wifi names for both 2.4 and 5.0 bands. I used the following linked guide (LUCI instructions) and it works perfect! https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/atheroswds

I have adblock running already on my main WAX202 router, but do I also need adblock enabled for my 2nd device that's the wifi repeater?

Thank you

Adblocker should be running (or forwarding to) on the device specified as DNS, for the clients.

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Yes I believe I have that setup.

My 2nd device (the WDS client) has the following DNS setting changed per the linked guide:

Go to Network, DHCP and DNS. Set DNS forwardings to the ip address of the AP router.

Sounds about right, although I've never ever used a wds bridge myself..

Okay thank you very much. I've tested it out and confirmed that adblocking does work on 2nd WAX202 router.

I disabled 2.4 wifi on my main router, left it enabled on 2nd router so I can directly connect to that router only and test out adblock successfully via mobile phone apps.


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