Wireless Network Bridge - Chaos Calmer

Hi there,

Just received some rugged external IP67 rated Wi-Fi AP's to use as a bridge which have been configured with Chaos Calmer. The instructions I received from the supplier said to use one as a Master (WDS) and one as Client (WDS) and omitted any further instructions.

This in practice brought down my entire mesh wireless network, so today did some searching and come across this link:
[[OpenWrt Wiki] Wireless network bridge (wireless repeater)]

Following the LuCI guide everything made sense (unique IP, DNS forwarding, IPv4 gateway and so on).

However, the last instruction escaped me:
Go to Network , Interfaces , Devices tab, Configure... on br-lan, Advanced device options and enable STP . Failing to do so can allow a network loop to form that will take down all routers.

There is no Devices tab under Chaos Calmer..... How do I enable STP as this is clearly my issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Chaos calmer is very very old. It is long since eol and has been unsupported for the better part of a decade.

In addition, that version has many known and actively exploited security vulnerabilities.

Please upgrade to a new version.

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Fair enough. I did wonder if that would be the case as could see it was old. It is a bit strange that someone is supplying brand new hardware with such an old version. I will double check with them first prior to upgrading in case they have tweaked something.

If that is the vendor firmware and not official openwrt, it is highly likely that it is customized.

What is the device in question? Is it supported by the official openwrt project?

Yes, looks like vendor firmware as it has the company name prefixed to the build.

Model info states - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc IPQ6018/AP-CP01-C3

Wireless Overview states - Generic Atheros 802.11anacax

Yeah, this is not currently supported by the official OpenWrt project.

OK, that explains a lot. Many thanks for your help.

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