Wireless mode "Pseudo Ad-Hoc (ahdemo)" in OpenWrt

I wanted to know what the "Pseudo Ad-Hoc (ahdemo)" mode is for and what function it fulfills.


Please note: This project is no longer active.

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And why is it still included today?

Please feel free to read the website provided by @jeff in the link above. Your question is answered there.

From: http://madwifi-project.org/wiki

There is no thing such as a "current version". MadWifi has been declared legacy in 2007, the last official release happened in early 2008. Since then, work on the MadWifi driver has ceased and it finally has been superseded by other drivers such as ath5k and ath9k.

The IBSS (adhoc) mode of madwifi did not allow running an AP on the same radio. The ahdemo mode does.

All this is long obsolete. Though adhoc still exists, modern mesh deployments tend to use 802.11s, either with internal routing or BATMANadv as a separate layer.

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I just do not understand English and I missed that line.

Oh, thanks for explaining!:+1: He did not know.